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At MILAN nail & spa, Whatever your desired look, we have you covered.

We are an easy going, friendly salon that is all about making our clients feel as happy and comfortable as possible to explore their style. 

The best thing, we think, is nails that makes you feel 'more you'.

We are aware to get that, you’ll need to feel totally comfortable to explore what you want collaboratively with one of our talented technicians.

We openly encourage our clients to be creative. We are experts in nails, but we value that you’re the expert of your nails.

Whether it is a simple manicure or sophisticated, we work with a fantastic range of colors ensuring you leave our salon happy with a sensation of " just for you"! 

We use the finest and best professional nails products to ensure that the results you get are first class and long lasting.

We stand behind our service. If you ever feel that the level of service you have received is not as you expected, tell us! We care and we want to know, so we can improve your customer experience and our overall standard.

For your safety, we have several systems to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

The tools we use are cleaned in a Midmark medical grade ultrasonic cleaner, then sterilized in a Benchmark UV sterilization chamber. 
Air treatment is provided by three high efficiency filters and an Alen air purifier.
To disinfect the salon, we use an Ozone and UV generator overnight. Ozone is an extremely powerful oxidant, but it does not harm the environment and does not leave any toxic residue behind or any chemical smells or tastes.

It is used to kill microorganisms in air and water sources. Hospitals around the world use ozone to decontaminate operating rooms between surgeries.
Ozone is unmatched in its ability to kill mold, bacteria and viruses.


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