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Our Brands
In a world overcrowded with nail products, we raise the standards: safe ingredients, naturally nourishing formulas and salon-quality results.
We carry more than 2000 colors with a wide selection of nail polishes and gels such as OPI (415 colors), Essie Gel Couture (120 colors), Orly (96 colors) or Nugenesis (50 colors), as well as vegan brands like Dazzle Dry (194 colors), Bio Sculpture EVO (140 colors), the Japanese gel Kokoist (81colors) and Dr.'Remedy, enriched with natural actives like biotin & tea-tree oil (28 colors). For dip powders, we use OPI (179 colors), Nugenesis (298 colors), ANC (243 colors) and TC Organic (300 colors).Attention to quality of our products and our clients needs are a priority with MILAN nail & spa.

Milan M Blanc 55% .webp
Dazzle Dry
Kokoist Milan Nail & spa
Bio Sculpture Milan Nail & spa
Essie GelCouture.webp
OPI Milan Nail & spa  Southlake
OPI Powder Perfection
Nugenesis Powder Southlake
Dazzle Dry Milan Nail & spa
Susan's CBD
Orly Milan Nail & spa
Milan Nail& spa
  • Dazzle Dry

  • Kokoist

  • Bio Sculpture EVO

  • Dr.' Remedy

  • OPI

  • Essie gelcouture

  • Nugenesis

  • ANC

  • Orly

  • Susan's CBD


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